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Job Detail

  • Job ID 1005716
  • Career Level Officer
  • Experience 5 Years
  • Industry Development
  • Qualifications Degree Bachelor

Job Description

Reporting to Senior GIS Expert, FDB, the GIS Expert will be responsible  for collecting, analysing and distributing Geospatial information relevant; maintenance of geospatial data management; timely availability of digitized drawings and GIS information; system operation efficiency and efficient network development; providing support and expertise in the development of the Company’s GIS capabilities to meet strategic objectives.
The key tasks & duties for the position include;
• Extract geographic data from satellite imagery, aerial photography and field reconnaissance.
• Create geographic data and compiling them into maps.
• Create and maintain multiple geospatial databases.
• Draw, scribe, digitize and scan cultural, topographic, hydrographic and/or other features on overlay/scribing surfaces or in digital formats.
• Provide geospatial information to infrastructure development and maintenance Engineers for use in network operations and maintenance.
• Data base management for the storage of aerial photographs, maps, digital data bases and collateral source materials
• Perform digital manipulation of topographic information by querying, viewing, evaluating and downloading digital data.
• Assist users in formulating Geographic Information Systems (GIS) requirements or understanding the implications of alternatives.
• Design, program, or model Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications or procedures.
• Develop specialized computer software routines, internet-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) databases, or business applications to customize geographic information.
• Provide technical expertise in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to clients or users.
• Develop computer programming, data analysis, or software development for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications, including the maintenance of existing systems or research and development for future enhancements.

Required skills

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