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  • Job ID 1004536
  • Experience 8 Years +
  • Qualifications Master’s Degree

Job Description

Stop the Bleeding Campaign

Head of Secretariat

  • Reference STB-HS

As the Head of Secretariat, you will lead the Stop the Bleeding Campaign by developing and executing comprehensive strategies, garnering support from diverse stakeholders, and promoting awareness. Collaborate closely with the Campaign Chairperson, consortium members, and partners to provide thought leadership and strategic guidance.


Strategic Planning and Vision Development:

  • Develop a comprehensive campaign plan aligned with the STB consortium’s mission.
  • Define clear strategies for advancing the campaign’s mission, including debt relief and development finance.
  • Ensure a coordinated and unified approach with consortium members.
  • Integrate feminist perspectives into campaign messaging.

Stakeholder Engagement and Coordination:

  • Foster relationships with African organizations.
  • Identify relevant officials, organizations, and institutions for advocating debt relief.
  • Build alliances with civil society organizations and advocacy groups.
  • Organize meetings and events for consortium members.

Policy Advocacy and Public Awareness:

  • Design and implement advocacy campaigns on the impact of debt in African countries.
  • Create compelling messaging for diverse audiences.
  • Utilize various communication channels for campaign amplification.
  • Engage in targeted policy advocacy at national, regional, and international levels.
  • Participate in conferences to present campaign objectives.

Research and Data Analysis:

  • Support research on debt’s economic and social impact in African countries.
  • Analyze data to support campaign arguments and recommendations.
  • Develop knowledge products on illicit financial flows, debt, and financing for development.
  • Formulate well-informed policy recommendations.

Capacity Strengthening:

  • Enhance consortium members’ capacities in advocacy, campaign messaging, and policymaker engagement.
  • Organize sessions on Pan-African feminist principles.
  • Provide understanding of the African political economy.

Resource Mobilization:

  • Develop and implement a strategy to secure additional funding.
  • Seek grants, donations, and partnerships to sustain and expand campaign operations.

Community Engagement and Mobilization:

  • Organize grassroots initiatives to engage citizens.
  • Collaborate with local organizations and leaders for support and participation.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

  • Coordinate campaign monitoring and evaluation activities.

People Management:

  • Supervise STB secretariat personnel for an organized campaign.

Skills and Experience:

  • Master’s degree in relevant fields.
  • Ten years of diverse team management, with at least five in leadership roles.
  • Campaigning experience with a focus on generating public interest.
  • Proven track record in resource mobilization, partnerships, and relationship management.
  • Proficiency in English; professional-level French is advantageous.
  • Willingness to travel at least 25% of the time.

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