Hermisons Company limited- Stock controller

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  • Job ID 1004161
  • Career Level Others
  • Experience 2 Years
  • Industry Management
  • Qualifications Diploma

Job Description

Hermisons Company limited- Stock controller

Job descriptions

Job Responsibilities:

Ensuring Efficiency in Warehouse Operations

  1. Supervision of Loading and Offloading: Oversee the loading and offloading processes for beer and spirits.
  2. Store Cleanliness Management: Ensure cleanliness standards are maintained in the stores.
  3. Demand and Supply Forecasting: Forecast demand and supply of beer and spirits to prevent overstocking and understocking.
  4. Adherence to EABL Standards: Ensure proper storage of spirits and beer in line with EABL standards.
  5. Stock Control Reporting: Prepare stock control reports using SORTI and C-FORM.
  6. Order Dispatch through FEFO Method: Utilize the FEFO method for dispatching orders.
  7. Handling Non-conforming Stocks: Ensure proper handling of non-confirming stocks and breakages.
  8. Stock Take Ownership: Own and manage daily, weekly, and monthly stock takes.
  9. Verification of Stock Returns: Verify stock returns from route trucks.
  10. Warehouse Organization: Ensure the warehouse is arranged in an orderly manner.
  11. Health and Safety Supervision: Supervise and manage health and safety issues at the warehouse.
  12. Daily Stock Reconciliations: Perform daily stock reconciliations.


  • Experience: 1-2 years as a stock controller.
  • Education: Diploma in Supply Chain Management or a related field.
  • Availability: Immediate.

Application Details: If interested, please send your CV to hermisons76@gmail.com.

Key Skills:

  • Good Reporting Skills
  • Effective Collaboration: Ability to work well with suppliers, customers, and team members.
  • Time Management: Efficiently manage time to meet operational requirements.
  • Operational Understanding: Good understanding of stock-related operational and control requirements.
  • Communication Skills: Strong communication skills.
  • Problem Solving: Ability to solve problems effectively.
  • Attention to Detail: Keen and attentive approach to tasks.


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