Consultancy services to develop knowledge products for the SEFFA project in Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya

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Job Detail

  • Job ID 1005927
  • Career Level Officer
  • Experience 3 Years
  • Industry Management
  • Qualifications Degree Bachelor

Job Description


  •  Inception report: The consultant will prepare and submit an inception report which will include the final detailed scope of the work (content of the knowledge product), methodology (what and how the knowledge product will be prepared and detailed outlines for each knowledge product), milestones and deliverables, team composition and roles, work plan and budget. The inception report will be subject to formal approval by SNV.
  •  First drafts and final detailed versions of each knowledge product will include the following knowledge products:
  •  Business Cases: The deliverable should be a short document that provides an engaging overview of the tested business cases, explains the reasons for success or failure and provides insights into the conditions necessary for successful business cases.
  •  Technology Demonstrations: The deliverable should be a short learning document explaining how demonstration sites can be used to build or showcase a business case. It should highlight different examples of demonstration sites, lessons learned, and reflections on their success.
  •  Financing Models (Innovative Finance & RBF): The deliverable should be an evaluation of how the project’s learnings correspond with the original assumptions made about both financial models. It should discuss how the learnings complement and challenge existing knowledge on RBF and innovation funds to develop and/or scale PUE business models.
  •  Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) & Demand Activation: The deliverable should be a brief describing the different BCC and demand activation approaches employed by the project. It should capture lessons learned, impact achieved, and make relevant comparisons
  •  All knowledge products are expected to include an introduction section which provides a summary of the document’s contents; this summary section should be easily transposed to a slide deck format which can be used for the further dissemination of the knowledge products produced.
  •  As the knowledge products are expected to be short and engaging, the use of relevant graphics (i.e. infographics, design layout, visuals, etc.) will be expected. The consultant is therefore expected to have skills in analysis, editing and graphics for this assignment.

Required skills

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