UNEP-GEF Programme Assistant, Nairobi, Kenya

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Job Detail

  • Job ID 1006149
  • Career Level Officer
  • Experience 7 Years
  • Industry Management
  • Qualifications Degree Bachelor

Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities

  •  Prepare SSFAs (including budget and implementation plans) and oversee HR processes (i.e. recruitment of consultants, payments, etc.) for the development of assigned projects.
  •  Revise project implementation plans and ensure development steps are followed.
  •  Revise the project development timeline and provide inputs to ensure project development occurs on time.
  •  Provide inputs to stakeholder consultation processes in the development of the projects.
  •  Prepare / review the UNEP safeguards identification form and PRC checklist;
  •  Upload GEF-8 endorsement document packages to the GEF portal.
  •  Review PPG expenditure reports of assigned projects. Project management of projects under implementation:
  •  Develop draft legal agreements for new projects and project extensions;
  •  Prepare documents for UNEP project internalization and revision processes, and provide inputs to ensure completed UNEP clearance and approval processes.
  •  Prepare reports on the progress and risk situation of assigned projects in the Africa portfolio, and submit to the TM recommendations to effectively mitigate identified risks.
  •  Prepare and send half-yearly progress report / PIR / co-finance report / expenditure report templates to Executing Agencies (EA) for projects assigned in the Africa portfolio, hold meetings with these agencies and send guidance emails to ensure correct and timely completion of the reports, and review such reports to ensure their timely completion. eMVlzka BIpnb
  •  Prepare project supervision plans and risk logs for projects and periodically update them. Request the EAs to update their procurement plans and review such plans, providing inputs to finalize them.
  •  Prepare project revision documents for technical and financial revisions for projects, ensuring that project revision documentation is complete for UNEP approval.
  •  Review expenditure reports together with the finance team to ensure (a) correct amounts have been charged; (b) expenditures are aligned with project deliverables and thus acceptable; (c) expenditure is not exceeding the budget line allocations and overall budget. Send feedback emails to EAs to complete the document correctly.
  •  Review cash advance requests in collaboration with the finance team. Provide guidance to EAs in order for them to complete the document correctly.
  •  Travel to undertake the previous tasks in country, as required and decided by the TM.
  •  Oversee projects’ Mid-Term Reviews (MTR), including HR processes (preparation of TORs, selection process, contract issuance, payments, etc.) and preparation of Inception Reports and Final MTR Reports. Prepare an MTR implementation plan to facilitate Executing Agency implementation of MTR recommendations.
  •  Oversee projects’ Terminal Reviews, including HR processes (preparation of TORs, selection process, contract issuance, payments, etc.) and preparation of Inception Reports and Final TR Reports.
  •  Provide inputs for facilitating the technical and financial closure of projects. Portfolio management:
  •  Monitor WeWork processes for assigned projects of the Africa portfolio.
  •  Ensure proper filing in the shared folders of documents / reports associated with the assigned projects of the Africa portfolio.
  •  Prepare and maintain up-to-date the databases for the Integrated Planning, Management and Reporting (IPMR) system for assigned projects.
  •  Participate in weekly meetings of the Africa programme team and in bi-weekly meetings with the Africa finance team.

Required skills

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