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  • Job ID 1004246
  • Career Level Others
  • Experience 8 Years +
  • Qualifications Degree Bachelor

Job Description


Qualifications for Appointment:

Academic and Professional:

  • a) Possess a relevant Bachelor’s Degree in security studies or a related discipline from a university recognized in Kenya;
  • b) Hold a Master’s Degree or its equivalent in Security Studies or a related discipline.
  • c) Be a member of a recognized professional security-related body.

Experience and Skills:

  • a) Have twelve (12) years of security operations and management experience, with at least 3 years at the Deputy Director or equivalent level.
  • b) Have served as a member of disciplined forces in Kenya.
  • c) Demonstrate outstanding professional competence and knowledge in national strategic security and intelligence infrastructure, management, and administration.
  • d) Possess administrative skills, including organization, communication, time management, and customer care.
  • e) Be computer literate.

Duties and Responsibilities: The duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • a) Overall Leadership: Be in charge of the Directorate of Security and Safety Services and all private contracted security companies in the University of Nairobi.
  • b) Briefings to Vice Chancellor: Conduct routine and impromptu briefings to the Vice Chancellor.
  • c) Compliance Enforcement: Enforce compliance with security, safety, and operational procedures through audit, inspection, covert, and overt action.
  • d) Staff Training: Train staff on security-related responsibilities as per the University Security Strategic Plan.
  • e) Vetting: Carry out thorough and complete vetting of University of Nairobi staff and potential employees as directed by the management.
  • f) Budget Control: Formulate and control budgets for the Directorate of Security and monitor its expenditure.
  • g) Security Strategy and Policy: Develop security strategy and policy for the University and spearhead the implementation of the University security and safety.
  • h) Intelligence Management: Maintain intelligence to all relevant University Staff and key stakeholders.
  • i) Government Liaison: Liaise with government security and other agencies over security matters related to the University of Nairobi.
  • j) Risk Management: Manage security risks and threats in the university.
  • k) Reporting: Develop reports for management on security status on a quarterly basis.
  • l) Other Duties: Perform any other duties as assigned by the Vice Chancellor from time to time.

Salary and Benefits:

  • Basic Salary: Kshs 209,694-283,087
  • House Allowances: Kshs 73,715
  • All other allowances and benefits will be in accordance with the terms of service applicable to respective job grades or as determined by Council from time to time.

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